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SemTop! 3.0


How to keep window always on top? How it make always visible?

SemTop! is a nifty tool that allows to keep important windows always on top of the desktop and doesn't allow other windows to overlap it.

The software resides in the tray area as "drawing-pin" icon and allows to "pin" necessary windows with single mouse click. Just press mouse button on tray icon and drag the "pin" cursor to window which you would like to keep on top or return to previous state.

Alternatively you can just press some hot-key (which can be specified in the program settings) when the window are active.


Program allows you to Top/Untop windows:

  • by Dragging-and-Dropping pin from the system tray;
  • by Hot Key;
  • with sound confirmation (or without it);
  • running to the system tray when Windows starts.
  • auto-on-top function for selected programs
    when it starts (new in version 3.0!)
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System requirements:

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7*

Note: In Windows 7 not all functions works as it expected. Please test before you buy!

Note: If you using Windows 98/Me, you can use previous version of SemTop!. Look "Older versions" section at download page for more info.


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