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NewLine Convertor

Help screen:
Syntax: NLConvert [options] source_file [destination_file]
  Convert new-line symbols:
    /ToWin       To Windows/DOS: CR (0x0D) LF (0x0A)
    /ToUnix      To Unix:        LF (0x0A)
    /ToMac       To Apple Mac:   CR (0x0D)
    /FromWin     Only from Windows/DOS
    /FromUnix    Only from Unix
    /FromMac     Only from Apple Mac
    /FromAny     From ANY
  Pipe use:
    /StdIn       Read source from STDIN
    /StdOut      Write result to STDOUT
  Process specified:
    /NoBackup    Don't leave backup when converts to the same file
    /OvrBackup   Overwrite backup if exist
    /NoBinCheck  Don't check file for binary symbols before
    /Quiet       Don't print progress information

  Options /ToWin /FromAny is used by default.
  Input file checks for not binary symbols (use /NoBinCheck to skip).
  If destination_file is not specified, output will be in source_file,
    with backup creation (use /NoBackup to don't leave one)
  No binary check and backup creation performed if source is STDIN


This program is freeware, so you can download, use or distribute it absolutely free.
nlconvert.exe (EXE, 61 KB) (ZIP, 32 KB)


Copyright (c) Semargl Company, 2002-2010